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CP_is_not_dead !

I haven't been on the forums for a few years and it appears that Mike doesn't really update CP anymore.
My quick story: I'm still on a CP version 2.3! (though heavily modified and always updated with the latest security patches) that can be seen here: https://rossirovetti.com .  I've been running on it since 2003.  I've also helped deployments on 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x - including putting together new sites for a few people.
CP is a great starting point, and is much faster than a wordpress+shopping cart plugin.  I've had to acknowledge wordpress as a useful CMS for blogging, but it's been taken by so many to move into the ecommerce world.  Unfortunately, the (lack of) excitement classic ASP in general, especially from Microsoft, hasn't helped matters any.  Sure, .NET compilations can, in theory, run faster (depending on how well really the programmer did with the logic).  But I, like many others, like to make on-the-fly adjustments to things - which classic ASP is suited well for.  It's no different than PHP, which enjoys now a much wider developer base, and it could have been the next python had Microsoft given it attention; they could have made an effort for example to make it cross-platform.. but those were the Ballmer days.  T
That said, there hasn't yet been a problem that I haven't been able to solve.  Yes, it takes some patience sometimes, but any platform does.  
I propose that Mike should let the code base go into the public domain with a GNU or Apache license (or something), and allow us who have the skills over the years to continue bringing Candypress into the future.  It's still a great platform, it can be tweaked to be faster than hell and runs well in a hypervisor or a docker.  Being that the bulk of it is written in .ASP, I'd be even willing to port it over to other stacks (like the famous PHP-MySql-Apache stacks) as an alternative to Wordpress or Joomla with a lot of horse shitting around to get it to do something it wasn't originally intend to do.
What do you guys say?  Mike?  What do you think?  There's a long life ahead for CP and I think the community would be willing to keep the fire going on a github repository with active support.

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Re: CP_is_not_dead ! (permalink)
I'd be game for that.
I'm on 6.4.71, heavily modded over the years to add things like guest account/checkout, user toggle-able product listing between grid view and list view, responsive theme w/Bootstrap features, configurable front page slider, auto-generated sitemap.xml file, brands listing page, clean URLs, Lightbox slideshow for product images, and tons of other little tweaks. Just recently added on-the-fly image file resizing so I don't have to manually create medium and thumbnail image files and upload them (actual file resizing, not the html resizing CP uses).
Next plans are product filtering based on things like brand and price. And, maybe dynamic/automated product categories, ala Shopify, based on tags (to help with getting parts in categories when I do mass uploads). Maybe a more mobile-friendly/responsive version of the admin panel.
I've been using CP since v2.3'ish and am still a fan. I've looked into moving to Shopify or WooCommerce, even Magento, and they certainly have their advantages and appeal, but you end up having to pay up for a bunch of add-ons/extensions to get to feature-parity with some of the out-of-the-box stuff that CP comes with, like product options, reviews, brands, gift certificates, even sequential order numbering. With CP, I like having full access to all the code and data, and being able to make mass updates via SQL queries right from CP's admin.
I'd love to see CP development be continued and additional features/functionality added.


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